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Why pasture-raised meats?

Grass-fed meats are more nutritious than the conventionally raised meats you will find in the grocery store (including organic meats that are not pasture-raised).  The idea of grass-fed meats and dairy products is natural.  When we think of healthy livestock, where do we picture them?  Do we think of the animals standing in a feedlot, ankle-deep in excrement eating a grain-based diet laced with chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and ground animal parts? Or do our minds envision a lovely pastoral setting with the cows and sheep grazing contentedly in a beautiful green pasture?

Of course, we think of them out grazing in green pastures. As least, that's where we like to think of them being.

The bad news is that factory-produced livestock are now a major source of food in this country.

The GOOD NEWS is that it doesn't have to be that way!

Pasture-raised animals stay on a given section of pasture for only a few days at a time.  They are then moved to fresh, green forage.  Omnivorous animals such as pigs and chickens can't live on grass alone.  Their diets need to be supplemented with grain.  We do that with a custom feed mix.  By doing that, we know exactly what is in their feed.

Being full-time farmers allows us to be around our animals constantly and know their health and personalities.  This benefits you, because by knowing our animals, we know which ones will make the best meat.  The animals live peacefully on chemical-free pastures, never receiving medication, hormones, or antibiotics.  Our meats are good for you, AND...they're tasty!

Your decision to purchase grass-fed foods is an important one.  There are many benefits.

Health benefits for you the consumer.  These animals are raised in a much more natural environment.  This means their meats are better for you!

Environmental benefits.  The pasturing of animals encourages biodiversity, improves soil fertility, and eliminates the waste management problems associated with confinement operations.

Economic benefits.  Small-scale family farms are locally owned and operated.  They contribute in numerous ways to a community.  They contract with local service providers, purchase local goods, and participate in local activities.  Unlike most other types of businesses, family farms are unlikely to pull up roots and move somewhere else.  They are invested in the community.  The more commercially viable your local and regional farms are, the more those farms contribute back to your community.

Social benefits.  Animals raised on green pasture experience significantly less stress over the course of their lives than their factory-raised counterparts.  They're not overcrowded, so they're able to get exercise.  Pasture raised animals are frequently moved to new grass.  They enjoy clean environments and are less likely to become ill, thereby reducing even the need for medications.  In addition, farmers working a grass-based operation enjoy a healthier work environment than their commercial counterparts.  We are less likely to suffer from respiratory problems resulting from the dust, ammonia, and dangerously high levels of carbon dioxide so common in confinement facilities.  Both the animals and the farmers are healthier.



Factory farmed chickens (even organic) are raised in confinement houses in which there
are thousands of birds per building. They don't get fresh air or fresh grass. They don't see the light of day. They barely have room to move around. These birds breathe fecal dust and ammonia fumes into their lungs. Is this the kind of meat we want to feed our families?


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This artwork is copyrighted.  Please don't copy.  Please visit www.countryclipart.com

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