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Perfect for farmers' market!

Perfect for farmers' market!
Get your own Bechard Family Farm insulated tote for only $6.00
and get $1.00 off every time
you buy from us!*

*Must bring bag.

Pasture raised pork is a culinary delight that once tasted, will quickly become a favorite.  It doesn't even taste like grocery store pork.  Pasture raised pork meat is flavorful and juicy.  It has a sweeter and more moist taste than the dry and flavorless taste of confinement raised pork.  AND ... you will know you are doing the best for your family because Bechard Family Farm pork is NON-GMO!  We have searched until we found a NON-GMO ration (feed) for our pigs. We want our pork to be smart and healthy for your family and ours.

For our sausage, we searched diligently until we found a seasoning mix without MSG.  Our sausage is delicious!  It is a mild sausage that is great cooked as patties for breakfast or fried like hamburger for a pizza topping.  The ingredients in our sausage seasoning are common kitchen spices.  No chemicals or long ingredient names you can't pronounce.

Our pork chops are beyond compare!  See our recipe section for a great Pork Chop Recipe AND a "Sweet & Sour Pork" recipe.

By raising our hogs on pasture, they get lots of sunshine (which produces Vitamin D in the meat).  Their meat has more Vitamin E and more of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids than pork from factory farms.

Like all our other meats, the hogs are raised humanely and without chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics.  And, it is worth saying again. Bechard Family Farm pork is NON-GMO!

Please contact us for availability.  The pork is not on a regular schedule like the poultry.


Bulk Pork

2017 Bulk Pork Prices
all our pigs are raised out on our chemical-free pastures and fed non-GMO feed!
All weights are take-home weight. There are no additional processing fees.

Next hogs will be fall 2018

about 150# take home meat
$7.00 per pound + $1/pound for cured meats (about $20)      $100 non-refundable deposit
*Please call for info or to make arrangements
about 75# take home met
$7.00 per pound + $1/pound for cured meats (about $10)      $100 non-refundable deposit
*Please call for info or to make arrangements

When comparing us to farmers who price by "hanging weight", our pork would be approximately $3.29/lb + processing
(depending on the pig)

Next hogs will be fall 2018.

Remember, our prices are take-home weight. There are no additional processing fees.
All Bechard Family Farm pigs are raised with non-GMO feed.


Freezer Space Needed

As a general rule, 50 lbs. of meat will fit into 2.25 cubic feet of cooler/freezer space.

For a half beef you will need approximately 9 cubic feet of freezer space.

All of our beef, lamb, & pork is frozen.


Did you know that pigs can sunburn quite easily?  That is why  they like to wallow in the mud.  The mud protects their skin from the sun.


This hog is out on pasture.  Notice his curled tail?
That means he is content.
A stressed pig will straighten out his tail!


Please go to Order Meats page to order your pork!

Please bring a Cooler & Ice.
We accept
Cash, Check, VISA, & MasterCard


For a summary of our products, prices, & practices,
please feel free to print off our


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