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Perfect for farmers' market!

Perfect for farmers' market!
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After World War II, chemical companies, in need of new markets, focused on U.S. agriculture.  At the same time petrochemicals were widely adopted, resulting in a national surplus of corn.  Federal subsidies have allowed corn to be sold to the beef industry for less than the cost of producing the corn.

Cows and sheep were not created to eat grain.  They are grass eaters.  Their tooth structure and their digestive system would indicate this.  They have difficulty digesting grain because they lack the enzyme to metabolize the starch.

Today's beef cattle spend over 1/2 their lives in crowded feedlots being "finished".  In the feedlots, their grain based diet is supplemented with antibiotics and growth hormones (rBGH) fattening them faster and cheaper than grass finished beef.

The typical feed-lot cow diet is about 95% grain.  This much grain lowers the ph in the rumen requiring antibiotics to prevent liver infections (antibiotics also act as a growth stimulant).

We offer you an alternative to this.

We are pleased to offer grass fed grass-finished beef.  Our beef are grass fed their entire lives.  We are dedicated to producing the most nutritious and delicious foods and meats possible.

Ruminant animal products contain a "good fat" called conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA.  When raise exclusively on grass, their meat and dairy offers 2-5 times more CLA than animals raised on grain.  CLA has strong anti-cancer properties.  There are early indications that CLA may also lower the risk of breast cancer.

Fresh pasture offers hundreds of nutrients that the standard feedlot diet never will.  You can visibly see the difference by looking at the color of the fat.  Feedlot meat fat is stark white, while the fat from grass-fed meat ranges from a creamy color to nearly yellow.

Our beef is generally 28-30 months old when processed and has lived its entire life on grass.  This gives the animal a chance to gain some natural marbling in the meat.

Click HERE to order June 2017 bulk beef

 1/4 Beef (split side)
 taking deposits for June 2017 beef
$8.25 per pound
 usually nets about 100# of meat  $100 non-refundable deposit
 1/2 Beef (side)
taking deposits for June 2017 beef
$7.95 per pound
 usually nets about 200# of meat  $200 non-refundable deposit

Beef cuts available

  Hamburger    $7.00 per pound       1 pound packages
  Sirloin Steak    $12.00 per pound       
  T-Bone Steak    $13.00 per pound       
  Rib Eye Steak   $14.00 per pound       
  Brisket    $8.50 per pound       
  Rump Roast    $8.00 per pound       
  Pikes Peak Roast*    $8.00 per pound        *a boneless rolled roast also called "Heel of Round Roast"
  Sirloin Tip Roast    $8.50 per pound       
  Chuck Roast    $8.00 per pound       
  Stew Meat    $8.50 per pound       
  Soup bones    $5.50 per pound       


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