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   This artwork is copyrighted.  Please don't copy.  Please visit www.countryclipart.com Ozark Jam Kitchen        
"Homemade in the Ozarks"

Apple Butter    Blackberry    Blueberry    Gooseberry    Peach
Raspberry-Rhubarb    Red Cherry    Red Raspberry    Rhubarb
Strawberry    Strawberry-Rhubarb

Welcome to Ozark Jam Kitchen. We Bechards proudly make the Apple Butter and 10 different flavors of fruit jam from the finest fruits available. We cook them right here on the farm. We are proud to offer several hard-to-find flavors of jam.

We craft all our jams in small batches. No mass-production here!  Armand makes the all the jams. Teddi makes all the Apple Butter. Labels are hand-applied to each jar. Attention is paid to every detail.

What are the ingredients? For the jams, it is sugar, fruit, water, lemon juice, and pectin. For the apple butter it is apples, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and spices. Never any artificial sweeteners. Never any corn syrup. Sorry, we do not make sugarless jams or butters.

All of our jam products are available for purchase at the farm, by mail order, and at select stores around Missouri.

Jams purchased from us at the farm or by mail order are $6.95 for a 20 ounce jar.


Apple Butter

Ozark Jam Kitchen's Apple Butter is made from the finest apples, cooked all day long, and has just the right amount of spices. This one will keep you coming back.
$6.95 each



Blackberry Jam

Ozark Jam Kitchen's Blackberry Jam is a full bodied, fresh blackberry that has a great taste! Blackberry Jam is a customer favorite.

Our blackberry jam is NOT seedless.

$6.95 each

Blueberry Jam

Ozark Jam Kitchen's Blueberry Jam is the best! Many people call for this one over and over again. You've just gotta have some on your toast!
$6.95 each



Gooseberry Jam
Are you up for something new? Give Ozark Jam Kitchen's Gooseberry Jam a try. Or, for some of you, is this a jam that you just can't find anywhere else? Well, you've come to the right place for homegrown gooseberry jam.

For you newcomers, gooseberries are a little bit tart. It is a favorite taste of southerners.

We have the very best gooseberry jam available. Order yours today!
$6.95 each


Peach Jam
Ozark Jam Kitchen's Peach Jam is made from our best peaches. It is sweet and full of flavor. Order yours today!
$6.95 each





Raspberry-Rhubarb Jam
Ozark Jam Kitchen's Raspberry-Rhubarb Jam is a tasty combination that is not often found. We didn't know how good it would be until we made it. Now it seems like we can't make enough, even for our own family! It's that good. 
$6.95 each




Red Cherry Jam
Ozark Jam Kitchen's Red Cherry jam is our Texas son's favorite! Made from real cherries, Red Cherry is a sweet-tart flavor. Order yours to enjoy soon.
$6.95 each



Red Raspberry Jam
Ozark Jam Kitchen's Red-Raspberry Jam is as good as it gets! Made from plump, fresh raspberries, this is a sure treat to your morning toast or a great addition to your cup of yogurt.
$6.95 each



Rhubarb Jam
Ozark Jam Kitchen's Rhubarb Jam is made from the best and freshest red rhubarb we have. This is a real treat to start your day.
$6.95 each



Strawberry Jam
Ozark Jam Kitchen's Strawberry Jam is a customer favorite! Made from fresh, plump strawberries, it is always a sweet treat!
$6.95 each




Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam
Ozark Jam Kitchen's Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam is a combination that is a customer favorite. Made from fresh, plump strawberries and the finest red rhubarb, people keep coming back for more of this one! Order yours today!
$6.95 each


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This artwork is copyrighted.  Please don't copy.  Please visit www.countryclipart.com

Questions?  Call 417-589-4152 or visit our Contact Us page.

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