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Chicken FAQ's

Q: So, how does it work with the chickens, anyway?
A: The birds we raise are called Cornish Cross and they arrive to us the day after they are hatched. We have complete control of their care from then on. All Bechard Family Farm chickens are raised out on our beautiful pastures and fed non-GMO feed. The chickens are raised in our bottomless chicken pens that are often called “chicken tractors”. These pens give the birds access to fresh grass and bugs and lots of sunshine while protecting them from the many predators that would like to get them. Then, at the appointed time, our family (and often some friends) get together to process the birds here at the farm.

Q: Are your fresh chickens available all year round?
A: The chicks we raise for meat birds are only available to us seasonally. That means that we only raise chickens seasonally. Because of this, we offer chickens from May to October. Besides that, there isn’t any grass to raise the chickens on during the winter. :)

For 2017, our family has planned to raise out 4 batches of chickens. In our 18 years of raising chickens, we have developed a feel for how many chickens we can physically raise and how many chickens people want to buy at different times of the season. Our goal is to raise as many chickens as possible without ending the season with dozens of unsold birds in our freezer.

Q: What if you call us for chicken during the "off" season?
A: We try to plan for enough extras to sell from the freezer during the winter without putting our family at financial risk. It’s always good for you to plan ahead and try to order enough birds to last the winter for your own family.

When you look at our web-site, you will see the list of chicken dates. You can order FRESH chickens for each of those dates. You choose where you want to pick up your chickens and order the number you would like. We have a comment box below the chicken order form for any special instructions. When you pick up your birds, they will be very, very cold, but will not have yet been frozen. You will get to experience the culinary delight of cooking and eating a fresh chicken! Nothing compares to this!

Q: What if you call us in between butcher dates?
A: If you come to the farm or the market in between butcher dates, we will have frozen chickens. Our chickens freeze very well. We have kept chickens frozen for our own family for as much as 1 year with very satisfactory results! For ourselves, we usually only keep one or two birds fresh per batch and will freeze the rest. Just thaw your bird and cook as usual.

Q: Can I purchase chicken parts like boneless-skinless chicken breast or leg-quarters?
A: Absolutely! We offer whole chickens, breast meat, leg-quarters, and even chicken backs. The majority of our chickens will be whole, so if you are wanting parts, it is best to order those ahead of time.

Q: When can I order the chickens?
A: You can place your order for all of 2017’s chickens now. Some order a few birds for every batch. Some people order several chickens once or twice a year. You should know that our October batches sell out very quickly. Last year, we were sold out for the entire season by the end of July!

We hope this answers your questions! See you soon!

See our chicken dates here: 2017 Chicken schedule








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