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General Store

The inside of our little farm store

  You can contact us at:           

Bechard Family Farm
13700 Athens Road
Conway, MO  65632


Please call AFTER 7:30 AM, Thank you!

Welcome to our little farm store!  Our farm store is open Monday thru Friday, 10am to 6pm; Saturdays, by appointment.  Sunday is our day of rest and worship.  Our products are available for pick-up at the farm and on scheduled dates in the Springfield area.  If you're coming out to the farm, it's always good to call ahead to make sure we have what you're coming out for.

Every inch of this store was built by us.  Our heart and soul has gone into this little store.
Please join us as we give you a photographic tour. Our little store is about 14' square with a separate freezer room on the back.

Please click on any of these pictures for a larger view.

You can see the front window that says "General Store". Our daughter carefully painted those letters by hand.
In the hutch, we have homemade jams, Ohio-grown teas, soy-melt burners, and even a small basket of toys for the young children.
The old sewing machine in the window was a trade I made with a neighbor.

We invite you to browse our little store. You just might find something that you absolutely must have!

Our daughter designed and built the chalk board that displays our meat prices in such a cute way. Our oldest son built the swinging door that leads to the freezer room. Our 2nd son hand textured the two walls that have drywall.

Our oldest son also built me the table that holds the soap displays. He used two old sewing machine treadle bases.

The picture on the right of a girl by the washtub was purchased directly from MaryJanes Farm! Some of you may understand how exciting that is for me.

We have had this placard with all our names for many years. The other day, we decided it would look just right up in the store to welcome you when you come.

I will be adding more books to this page as time allows.

As always, our meats, milk, soaps, and jams are available here at the store.  We hope to see you soon here at the real farm store!

Welcome to Bechard Family Farm!


The view of the inside of our little store

"General Store" letters loving hand-painted by our daughter




Handmade soaps. The chalkboard has our meat prices.

Check out the old painted door on the side of refrigerator.
It makes our modern refrigerator belong a little better in our rustic store. The door was a gift from our oldest son.

Our son Luke built this swinging door. I like it so much.

Handmade brooms, how-to books, a handmade rolling-pin
apron rack and even some Appalachian music CD's.







While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,
winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.
Genesis 8:22


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